Manage your Travel and Expense process in one application

Our clients

We combine travel and expense automation with convenient agency services

8 minutes instead of 30

to book your trip and prepare travel claim

85% time saved

on accounting through automation and integration

20% lower costs

of business travels and process handling


Manage business travel with ease

Booking business trips has never been easier! Mindento enables you to select the best deals on accommodation, air, rail and car rental and book them inline with your company policy. The app automates approval process so you don’t have to deal with it anymore!

  • Enjoy the travel agent support 24/7
  • Book, cancel or change your travel on the app
  • Scan receipts and invoices with the app
  • Automate your travel claims

Agency support 24/7


Automate expense posting

Collect documents with your phone and automatically upload them into your claims. The app keeps track of settling deadlines for you, ensures compliance with your company’s policies and sends the necessary data to financial and accounting systems. With Mindento, you have the entire process of expenses under control.

  • Conveniently scan invoices and receipts in the app
  • Automatically process corporate card payments
  • Use error detection functionality and ensure compliance
  • Make your job easier with automation
  • Control spendings with detailed reports

Integrate Mindento with your HR and ERP systems

Scan documents with your phone

and automate your invoice handling
in one app

Automate the reimbursement process

Take advantage of Mindento
corporate cards

The whole company benefits with Mindento

  • Plan, buy and claim your travels 4 times faster
  • Easily book and cancel trips in the app or with the support of travel agents
  • Don’t lose your documents. Scan invoices directly into the app with your phone.
  • Gain control over your expenses
  • Accept travel requests with ease
  • Quickly review expense reports and business trips claims
  • Reduce travel process costs and expenses by 20%
  • Secure the compliance with the rules on expenses and corporate travels
  • Let your team save up to 90% of time through automation