Savings in travel and business expenses with the mindento app

Hidden costs of business travels

When analyzing the costs related to business trips, associated with business travel, it is common to consider the costs of transport, hotels and business travel per diems. However, to see the big picture we should also take into account hidden, often non-obvious costs. Business travel policy Most companies have a business travel policy aimed at […]

Benefits for HR

HR management Employees are a fundamental resource for the company. Their knowledge, experience, and motivation are key components of the company’s development and success. The HR department has a broad range of responsibilities, making it a crucial link between the company’s managers, directors, and employees. To optimize employees’ time, companies must reduce the duration of […]

Benefits for CFOs from implementing the Mindento application in the company

Travel and Expense process flow Most companies have developed internal procedures for planning, purchasing and claiming business trips. Typically, the process follows the scheme below: Preparation of a travel budget and filling travel request Approval of the budget by the supervisor Purchase of tickets and accommodation Collection of documents required to prepare expense and travel […]

Benefits for the employee

Do you travel on business and claim employee expenses? Any expense incurred by an employee should be properly documented and described, and then reported to the finance/accounting department within a specified time period. Do you lose invoices or not receive them by e-mail from service providers? Are you not sure which expenses are included in […]

Compliance support for the CFO in the area of Travel and Expense process

The importance of compliance to the organization One of the biggest challenges facing a company is ensuring transparency and conformity of employee activities to applicable rules, i.e. compliance. What are the functions of compliance in a company? Control function – carrying out periodic checks to verify that the procedures and principles adopted by the company […]

Automation of travel and expense claims in IFS

Does your company use the IFS system and want to automate travel and expense process quickly and easily? We have a ready solution for you! IFS optimizes processes in key areas of the company’s operations. One of its advantages is the handling of financial and accounting transactions, which improves the work of the accounting department. […]

Mindento application – benefits of implementation in a large company

In a large company, it is crucial to ensure the efficiency of processes that should minimize the time needed to complete a task. Automating processes is one of the best ways to reduce company costs. With a large number of employees, the traditional method of planning, booking and then claiming business trips and expenses generates […]

How to benefit from process digitization?

Access to the Internet and electronic devices is now an integral part of our daily lives. Technology is everywhere: in everyday life, when we pay our bills or buy a bus ticket, and in our work. More and more companies that want to improve their operations and optimize their processes are using tools based on […]

How has the landscape of and approach to business travel changed since the pandemic?

The pandemic that we have been struggling with over the last several months has effectively prevented companies from travelling. The increased risk of virus infection, the restrictions imposed by governments and, consequently, closed hotels, restaurants and the need to undergo quarantine at the destination forced us to replace face-to-face meetings with clients or contractors with […]

How to take advantage of digital transformation? Purchasing process through the eyes of CFO for Travel & Expense.

Travel & expense process Most companies still struggle with the implementation of the purchasing process in practice. The negotiated conditions are difficult to verify, and the dynamics of the prices of current accommodation and flights does not allow for obtaining reliable and undeniable information about the achieved effects, both positive and negative. In addition, the […]

Agile automation

In recent years, we have been at the center of the information overload on the robotization of office work. “Robotics Process Automation” sounds really great, although it happens that for people who have encountered the subject in practice, it is of greater value as a factor of employee competency development, and not a real economic […]

How to build a business case for the implementation of a business travel management system?

Contrary to carrying out tasks in a way that has always been known, implementing changes is not easy. But what if the methods once adopted have become ineffective? A well-prepared business case is the motivation for the change, which will convince both management boards and employees. However, it is important to present what is most […]

Digital Business Travel

It is impossible to miss it: one by one, companies are starting to implement their Digital Strategies. Visions of new solutions based on AI algorithms materialize before our eyes. Additionally, hype-marketers bombard us with news about the infinite number of possibilities available through automation and robotization. Let’s think in a matter-of-fact way: What direction is […]

Between business and bureaucracy. A business trip through the eyes of an employee

Travel is associated with relaxation. What about a business trip? A large dose of responsibilities and an equally large dose of stress. Unfortunately, the multitude of tasks is not only related to the purpose of the trip, e.g. meeting with a client, but to the organization of the trip itself and formalities. For this reason, […]

6 ideas for effective reduction of the costs of business trips

Business trips at every stage give you the opportunity to save – from booking a flight, renting a car or accommodation, to time-consuming filling in of settlements and reports. However, this is only part of the areas where companies can reduce costs. So where to look for savings and what changes to implement? Goal – […]

Digitization and Automation in the Travel & Expense process

It will not be a revealing statement, but it is worth emphasizing – modern technologies prevail in business processes. Automation is a word talked about at length that in large organizations for over ten years, and the widespread use of algorithms based on artificial intelligence will probably take place in the next five years. When […]